Stan Duncan
web engineer

All About Me

Stan Duncan

Hi, my name is Stan and that's me over there to the left. I have a passion for designing and coding. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Media Arts w/ emphasis in Advanced Web Development from Platt College. During my course studies at Platt College is when I delved into semantically coding websites and gained such devotion. Some of my first work can be found on Platt's student portfolios page at Platt Online.

My resume can be found at

My favorite languages are HTML5, combined with CSS3. I also enjoy PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. I try to steer clear of Flash/Action Script to help promote and further the possibilities of completing everything in an open source environment.

In my freetime when I am not on the computer I am more than likely modifying one of my Fords. I also have a passion for high performance Fords and I'm currently building a 2000 Ford Lightning Drag Race Pickup named "Black Betty".

My Services

I am looking for new clients regularly, and I specialize in small business sites looking to market themselves online. Whether it is re-designing and developing your exisitng site or starting from scratch I offer:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Discovery Process
  • Free Quote

There are no hidden fees or price increases from what is stipulated on the contract. I take pride in my work and knowing I have satisfied clients. My clients are much more than a general customer, I begin friendships so that we will always have an enjoyable working relationship. Please don't hesitate to contact me or click on one of the buttons to the side Arrow Right for your free discovery process and quote.