Added A New Feed

With SEO in mind again, I added a Twitter feed to my portfolio site. Search Engine Optimization plays a large role in how people will connect with your site. How they will find your site. Which page of your web site will they find in a Google, Yahoo or other search engine.  While many think that adding, specifically Twitter, a feed onto their site that they will automatically jump in “page rank”. This is not directly the case. Google and Yahoo, (the largest of the search engines), both have implemented “no follows” on links from Twitter so the theory of having several reciprocal links is out the window. Some search engines though that still hold some of the search market do not follow the same method so there is some potential. What a feed is extraordinary at doing is consistently adding new content and that is productive. So when the times comes for your new web site to be built, please keep in mind you need an entire web and marketing campaign implementing social media.

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